Hands of the Future cultivates confidence, life skills, well-being, and respect for the natural world in the children of our community through exploratory play.

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Hands of the Future, Inc.

Who we are:

We are a group of individuals dedicated to sharing our love of nature with future generations.

What we do:

We teach children of today to actively engage the natural world. We encourage them to appreciate the beauty and wonder around them. We hope this will ignite in them a passion for all learning so that they may become the best person they can be. We believe every child, regardless of race, religion or economic background, deserves the same opportunities to participate in the benefits of nature to their well-being.

We provide both structured learning opportunities and unstructured activities. Our structured learning opportunities are based on proven and successful nature programs, K to eighth grade. The unstructured activities will be designed to utilize features of the land and created habitats so that the children may learn about nature through exploration and discovery of the natural world. Together, both structured and unstructured activities reinforce one another and compliment area education programs.


For more information, please watch our video:


We want them to:
  • Have adventures!
  • Play!
  • Be part of a community!
It is our hope that they may become the environmental leaders of tomorrow!


We want to thank the Roy Whistler Foundation for their continued support of our Junior Nature Program!

Roy Whistler Foundation

This allows us to continue to offer our awesome programs FREE to area children!!! We would like to get to the point of being more seamlessly sustainable and to focus this year on raising the funds for next year's programs. While any donation is greatly appreciated, for a donation of $75 you can sponsor one child for next year. We don't want any child to be left out. Thank you.

Please be sure and check out our Wish List. These are items that people can collect and donate. This helps us keep costs down and allows the children to repurpose items during craft time or as part of our lessons. Thank you!